"All of your TE was very concise and answered any question I could have posed. I've worked with a handful of tech editors, and your notes have been the clearest by far. I love how thorough your edits were, and know that I'll be coming back for edits with you in the future."

- Quayln of QUOE.

"I have been working with Kirsten since January 2018, and I absolutely love working with her. I am a new designer and make a ton of mistakes, but with Kirsten's help my patterns read like a professional created the design. I am amazed at her attention to detail (she finds when I use the wrong dash or accidentally have an extra space), and if I ever have a question about the edits she sends me a response outlining her thought process. 

Best of all, she does a second look on all my patterns. I will make edits and send it back to her just to double check both of our work. 

She has a great response time. She says her turnaround is 5 days, but it is usually a little bit less, unless she is slammed with patterns (she will let you know if that is the case). 

Also, her initial estimates are often spot on. Sometimes she is 15-30 min off, but it is usually because my math in the pattern was horribly off.

Bottom line, Kirsten has surpassed by expectations as a tech editor. I have had zero complaints from people who have knit my patterns. I highly recommend using Kirsten as your tech editor to take your designs to the next level!"

- Ashleigh of Wanderlust Fiber Arts


"I found Kirsten on Instagram and followed her feed for months while I was designing my first crochet pattern.  When it came time to get my pattern tech edited, I reached out to Kirsten and she responded immediately!  The turnaround time was very fast, and her edits really elevated my pattern to another level.  I can breathe easy knowing that there are no mistakes in the product that I released, and that people who purchase my work are receiving a professional, quality pattern that has been carefully reviewed.  I am incredibly happy with the service I received from Kirsten, and will be coming back again and again!"

- Hannah of The Cozy Cottage Crochet


"Kirsten did a wonderful job tech editing my first professional pattern! She caught things I had not even thought about and helped me make the pattern more cohesive and easier for my audience to understand. Her edits were returned very quickly and she was very responsive to all communications during the process. I highly recommend her services!"

- Stephanie of Knits with Wit


"Huge thanks to my tech editor @rogueriverfiberstudio who was undaunted by 9 sizes, 2 cable charts, schematic, integrated mitts...that was a BIG job and she did a fantastic one."

- Sophie of Unicorn Knit Designs