Tech Editing


As of November 2018, I am not taking on new clients. If you’re looking for a new editor, consider posting a request in The Tech Editor Hub (Facebook group) or check here for Joeli’s contact info and a list of her class graduates.

I provide technical editing services for a variety of knit and crochet items. I love working with both new and experienced designers from all parts of the world. I specialize in editing sock and accessory patterns, as these are my favorite things to create and wear. (I have many, many socks.)

If you've never worked with a tech editor before and would like to know more about the process, see my blog post for more details on working with a tech editor. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have so don't hesitate to email me!

For details on my current rates and turnaround times, head on over to my Rates and Turnaround page.

Knit Editing
I specialize in editing knit socks and accessories, and also edit garments and household items.
Specialty stitches: Cables, lace, brioche, stranded colorwork, mosaic/slipped stitch colorwork, and others, just ask!
Knitting editing I don’t do: Grading (although stay tuned, I’m working on it!), intarsia, entrelac.

Crochet Editing
I edit socks, accessories and household item patterns with U.S. terminology.
Crochet editing I don’t do: Grading, garments, U.K. terminology, some specialty stitches.

If I don’t edit your type of pattern: I won’t take on an edit if I’m not confident I have the knowledge and experience to do a great job. If your pattern is outside my area of expertise, I probably know another tech editor who loves your pattern type, so don't hesitate to contact me! Sometimes this is the best option to ensure you have a great tech editing experience.

What I check in an edit: I follow a detailed checklist for every edit to ensure I don’t forget anything. The basic things I check are:

  • Instructions are clear and thorough.

  • All sections of a pattern are present (Materials, Gauge, Abbreviations, etc).

  • Pattern stitch counts and repeats work and match the finished measurements based on gauge. For items with multiple sizes, this is done for every size.

  • Charts match the written instructions (I can also help you with chart creation).

  • Garments approximately conform to commonly-accepted sizing standards.

  • Photo matches the pattern instructions.

  • Formatting matches your style sheet, if you have one. (I can also help you with style sheets). If no style sheet, check for style and formatting consistency throughout.

  • Pattern has no spelling errors, typos, or grammar mistakes.

What file formats I accept: I prefer to work in PDFs. You may send your pattern in PDF format, Word, PowerPoint or Google Docs, and I can convert it to a PDF for you if you prefer. My edits will be returned to you in the form of an annotated PDF with color-coded comments, as I find this is the best format to avoid compatibility issues between different computers and programs. 

The editing process: When you email me a copy of your pattern, I'll look it over and send you a detailed quote. Once you approve the estimate, I'll start my work and return the edited pattern to you within the agreed time. Once you incorporate any changes, if you like you can email it back to me for a quick look-over to verify the edits were made properly (the cost of this is included in the price of the edit). Once our editing process is complete, I'll send an invoice to your email via PayPal, which is due within 30 days of receipt.
In the rare instance that I discover along the way that your edit will take more time than I expected, I will stop and let you know so we can talk about what you'd like to do. Generally this happens if the style and formatting are inconsistent throughout. 

How I accept payment: I will send an invoice to your email via PayPal, due within 30 days of receipt. Generally, I will invoice once both the edit and the final check are complete. However, if you prefer to work on a longer schedule (which is totally fine - no pressure from me!), I will invoice one week after the edits have been sent. You're still very welcome to send your pattern for a final check at your leisure.

How to make your edit faster: Make sure all the elements of your pattern are present. Make sure everything in your pattern is updated for *this* pattern (i.e. you didn't copy-paste a section from an old pattern as a template and forget to update). Make sure the pattern is completely done from your end (just like change-orders on a home remodel, adding things after the fact increases costs and adds delays.) Make sure you have done the best job you can in being consistent with style and formatting (this is the number one thing that increases time for an edit). If you're not sure where to begin,  you can check out my resources page which includes the A+ Pattern Checklist, and this is a good place to start.