Rates and Turnaround



I work for an hourly rate of $35 USD/hour. When you email me a copy of your pattern, I will be able to give you a tailored estimate with a range of time I expect the edit will require. How much time is required depends on the complexity of the item, as well as number of pages/sizes/charts included, and the general state of the style and formatting throughout. Chart creation, schematic creation, and style sheet creation are also billed at this hourly rate.

Minimum charge: 1 hour. If your pattern takes less than one hour to edit, I’ll bill my minimum time of one hour. This helps cover overhead costs associated with any pattern edit. Note that if you bundle patterns (i.e. you send me 2+ patterns at once to edit), you can save money as I’ll just combine the times for both. If you had two accessory patterns that would normally be 45min each, if you submitted them individually, you’d pay $70 due to the minimum charge - but if you submitted them bundled together, you’d only pay $52.50. Bundling benefits us both, and is something to consider if you have a lot of shorter patterns.

The Editing Process: This is outlined in my Workflow and Terms document. I include a copy of this document in my initial reply to all new clients. Please feel free to ask questions if there was anything I didn’t cover!


As of November 2018, I am not taking on new clients. If you’re looking for a new editor, consider posting a request in The Tech Editor Hub (Facebook group) or check here for Joeli’s contact info and a list of her class graduates.

Generally speaking, my turnaround time is 5-10 business days from receiving your approval of the estimate. When I send the estimate, I'll let you know the day you can expect to receive your edited pattern by. If you need an edit done sooner, just ask and if my schedule allows, I will fit you in for a rush charge of 50% extra. Please note that I work on weekdays only and I take standard US holidays to be with my family.